Other Projects / Personal Projects

This reel includes some of the work done on Total War: Rome II (PC, 2013).
Responsible for most of the animals' animations in the game.

Animation work on Ubisoft games, We Dare (Wii/PS3, 2009) and MotionSports (Xbox360, 2010),
and animations from TV series Psicovip (2008) by Maga Animation.

Jaywalk in the World (2015), iOS and Android game.A small prototype for a 3rd person action game
Responsible for game design an scripting in Unity engine.I've been working on in my spare time.
Graphics and music by Yuki Shimahara.

Old animation reel (2008).Sporcolavoro, Short Movie. Written, shot,
edited and directed by me (2007).

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